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Velociraptor – The World Warriors

Party starters and general bad-asses Velociraptor will are about to release their mini-Lp The World Warriors. Originally starting as a three piece ensemble starring DZ Deathrays, the group has expanded to a 12-piece known for their infectious singles and energetic live shows.

But yeah man, The World Warriors features hit singles Cynthia and Riot that have been getting radio play through Triple J and are a testament to the pop rock style that Velociraptor are trying to distinguish themselves in. In particular, Cynthia has been running through my head for about 6 months, which is why I used the word infectious above. If you haven’t heard these songs though, you just haven’t been trying hard enough. The rest of The World Warriors is a bit of a mix. Surf City Raptors sounds almost Beach Boys-like and lead singer Jeremy Neale puts his personal touch on The Walk On By. We’ve posted some of his solo work on our twitter account, but he’s just an insanely talented musician.

The World Warriors Mini-LP will be released through Create Control on September 7.




New Music You May have Missed

Velociraptor – Riot

Riot is the new track from Brisbane 12 piece Velociraptor. It’s a fun rock and roll piece that continues on from last years summer hit Cynthia. Watch the film clip as well, a clever Scott Pilgrim inspired action sequence featuring their character Cynthia from earlier videos.

Pigeon – Oh Hebe

Also from Brisbane, electro-rockers Pigeon have released a new single from their upcoming EP, due in October. They are due to support Van She in their upcoming Brisbane shows, and will undergo a national tour in August

The Smith Street Band – I Want Friends

To Melbourne now and the new single from The Smith Street Band. A quintessential Australian punk track with vicious vocals.

Jackson Firebird – Cock Rockin’

The story of Jackson Firebird has gone international, after Lady Gaga arrogantly refused to share a stage with the Mildura act at Cherry Bar last week. I’ll admit I hadn’t listened to them until this incident, but Cock Rockin’ is a balls-out blues rock track. The clip is pretty cool too.

Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams

Saving the biggest for last, Tame Impala have released the first track from their upcoming album Lonerism. If Apocalypse Dreams is any indication to the quality of  Lonerism, it is going to be a ripper.

DZ Deathrays @ The Tote 27/4/12

We headed down to The Tote on Friday night for one of my more anticipated gigs of the year, DZ Deathrays. The Queenslanders have just released their stunning début album Bloodstreams, which has been highly acclaimed, and not just by me. Joining them on stage would be up-and-comers Velociraptor, a 12 piece band which include Simon and Shane of DZ Deathrays.

Despite the night getting off to a poor start when we were denied entry at Chicken & Beer on Little Lonsdale, we ended up eating and drinking at our now customary pre-gig Dumplings joint, armed with a bottle of red and a couple of six-packs and it only took a few minutes for the tram to get us to the iconic Tote Hotel in Collingwood. With a sold-out crowd, the front bar was full as entered at the end of Them 9’s set.

Velociraptor are quickly becoming one of my favourite new Australian bands. Their surf-pop is infectious, and they made it seem like they were having a great time just playing together. The low-set mosh pit of The Tote was full for their set as well, with punters not afraid to jump around in support of the support. I’ve become familiar with their song Cynthia, but the set introduced me to others including Hey Suzanne, Sleep With The Fishes and In the Springtime. I don’t think I’d enjoyed a support act as much since DZ Deathrays themselves had opened for Foo Fighters.

By the time DZ Deathrays took to the stage, the place was packed; as you’d expect from a sell-out crowd. Having recently been told to leave the stage at SXSW for playing too loud, it did not take long to realise that this is not a new issue for the group. Simon and Shane make enough noise to make-up for the small numbers in their group. The first half of the set featured old favourite The Mess Up, with green strobe lights flashing around the small venue. The group threw out face masks, in the style of their album cover, attached with 3D glasses, making for a truly mind-tripping experience.  The majority of the set was made up of tracks from Bloodstreams. Lead single No Sleep was a highlight, and their track Cops/Capacity is well suited for live audiences.About halfway through the set however, there was a minor disruption as the vocal mic stopped work. Turns out playing loud can be damaging to the equipment. Forced to continue the set with limited vocal dynamics, the gig denigrated into a house party vibe with various crowd members, myself included,  jumping on stage and crowd surfing their way out again.

It really was a brilliant set, and I’m glad I can finally check crowd surfing off my life to do list.