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Why You Should Listen To Pavement

It’s no secret that we at No Jackets are massive fans of Pavement – a band that is so criminally underrated that it is quite disheartening. Whereas you always hear talk about those 90’s bands, I’m looking at Radiohead, Sonic Youth and Nirvana here, Pavement has slipped under the radar and I can honestly make a not so bold claim that Pavement are the most underrated band of the 90’s. So here is a primer on the brilliance Pavement and what makes them more than a cult band.

Most of what you need to know about Pavement can be summed up in the enigmatic character of frontman Stephen Malkmus. This is a guy who most famously started a beef (in rap parlance; hello Azalea Banks) with The Smashing Pumpkins back when they were dominating the 90s and every angsty teenager was saying that the world is a vampire. Fast forward a decade, Malkmus has aged quite well whereas Billy Corrigan still uses The Smashing Pumpkins name kinda like how Wolfmother is being used by Andrew Stockdale (and that says a lot).

So give Pavement a try!

The most popular song

The ballad



Single Sessions: Bitch Prefect – Adelaide

Single Sessions: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Lesbian Wife

From their second album due out October 7

Single Sessions: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Courtesy of Flightless/Dot Dash. From their upcoming album, “Float Along – Fill Up Your Lungs” due out September 2013

Splendour in the Grass sells out

So Splendour in the Grass tickets went on sale this morning, and sold-out shortly after. With a solid line-up this year and a capacity of approximately 27,000, this came as no surprise; except for those people complaining on Facebook. I do take a bit of enjoyment reading through these comments. It seems those unfortunate posters are willing to blame everything but themselves. It is commendable the way that the Splendour in the Grass, and the official ticketing outlet Moshtix are responding to a number of these outraged individuals. 

Much attention has now been turned to ticket scalping on various online auction sites. Unlike many publications, I am quite partial to the concept of scalping; having addressed the issue in the follow-up to Radiohead ticket sales last year. With demand for Splendour tickets fair exceeding the Supply, scalping tickets leads to a secondary market for those most keen to attend. Nevertheless, this backlash has left festival organisers in a difficult position regarding ticket transferring. By restricting transference of tickets, Splendour will help to restrict scalpers, but risks alienating those more legitimate transfers.

Anyone complaining to Splendour or Moshtix in regards to scalping needs to take a look at themselves. It is a far more difficult concept than many consider. I attended Splendour back in 2011, and found it very well organised. In the two years since, the festival has relocated back to its original grounds and continues to claim it’s place as Australia’s largest festival. So let’s all cut them a bit of slack.