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Why You Should Listen To Pavement

It’s no secret that we at No Jackets are massive fans of Pavement – a band that is so criminally underrated that it is quite disheartening. Whereas you always hear talk about those 90’s bands, I’m looking at Radiohead, Sonic Youth and Nirvana here, Pavement has slipped under the radar and I can honestly make a not so bold claim that Pavement are the most underrated band of the 90’s. So here is a primer on the brilliance Pavement and what makes them more than a cult band.

Most of what you need to know about Pavement can be summed up in the enigmatic character of frontman Stephen Malkmus. This is a guy who most famously started a beef (in rap parlance; hello Azalea Banks) with The Smashing Pumpkins back when they were dominating the 90s and every angsty teenager was saying that the world is a vampire. Fast forward a decade, Malkmus has aged quite well whereas Billy Corrigan still uses The Smashing Pumpkins name kinda like how Wolfmother is being used by Andrew Stockdale (and that says a lot).

So give Pavement a try!

The most popular song

The ballad



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