No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

The Hives @ Grona Lund Stockholm 21/9

I’ve written this review on my iPhone on a train between Stockholm and Copenhagen so I apologies for any spelling or grammatical errors.
“They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing but expecting a different result.” If this is true then I must be insane. We’d seen The Hives back at a Falls Festival sideshow in 2008, and twice last year at Splendour in the Grass an their Melbourne sideshow. On our current European adventure, we ventured to Sweden with the main attraction being The Hives. And although I’d seen them three times previous, I did not expect the same result.
Grona Lund is an amusement park in Stockholm. throughout the Swedish summer, they have been hostin gigs on a smallish stage in the centre of the park. The likes of Opeth, LMFAO and Iggy and the Stooges had performed, but The Hives were the last act of the summer.
A slightly different preparation for us, involving sneakily taken Jaeger shots in our Alcohol-free hostel before an hour-long walk to he venue. Being backpackers, we didn’t want to pay for public transport and Stockholm’s pretty small anyway. Unfortunately, it is autumn in Sweden so the whole night involved pouring rain. We were soaked through by the we got there.
When you add the cold, rain, Scandinavias hard rock history and The Huves together you know it’s going to be a fun night. Spending a fair bit of the mosh between a bloke with a huge blue mohawk and another with a studded leather jacket seemed suitable.
The set-list featured the majority of new album Lex Hives, opening with Come On, like they did last year. My Time Is coming was a early set highlight but the crowd really got going into classics Main Offender and Walk Idiot walk. A couple of girls had passed out by the fifth song, while circle pits were a common occurrence.
Even while Howlin’ Pelle spoke in his native Swedish, you can still follow his banter as the crowd loved the words of their local hero.
The encore included Hate To Say I Told You so, and single Go Right Ahead before they were joined onstage by some guy named Mike. I guessed he was some famous Swedish guitarists cause the crowd seem to love him. All I know is he wasn’t Lykke Li or in Abba.
Tick Tick Boom was the now customary set closer, and Pelle once again made the crowd sit in the puddles that had formed before the climactic finish.
I often seem to underestimate the hives, but I promise I will never do it gain after this gig was the best I’d seen them. The walk along soaking wet in the bitter cold was not much fun though.


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