No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

The Vaccines – Come of Age

At this stage is hard to tell if The Vaccines are really just having a laugh at us all. With their debut album mercurially titled What Did You Expect From The Vaccines maybe they were making an ironic statement of sorts against the backdrop of online media hype. Anyway if you ask the question what did you expect from their second album you probably would have had a short list of maybe more complex songs that were longer than 2 minutes, perhaps a more evolved sound or at least something a bit different from their first album.

Unfortunately on all those counts The Vaccines haven’t changed much at all from their debut album. Indeed its all a bit samey. Maybe the songs are a bit longer but its hard to see any changes musically or otherwise in their approach.  The one redeeming feature of The Vaccines is that they have ridiculously catchy choruses but really we have heard all of this before and maybe the 1 year time span to spin out another album was a bit too short. It just feels like another slick production that doesn’t even seem like it’s trying. Maybe that’s what Young is going for that laconic quintessential British rock attitude of not caring about the audience and just making music for himself. That’s probably the most favourable interpretation that I can think of for this album which over promised and under delivered – not helped by the NME hype machine.

The Vaccines have fallen into that trap of second season syndrome, Come of Age is anything but.



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