No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Wild Nothing – Nocturne

I’ve been in that kind of mood listening to music like Youth Lagoon and Washed Out. So it’s probably no surprise that I am loving Wild Nothing’s new album Nocturne. It’s probably a bit early but this has definitely got to be up there for album of the year. Think Cut Copy’s Zonoscope but more subtle with a greater emphasis on guitar then synth. This album is a wonderful continuation of their earlier album Gemini and the subsequent EP Golden Haze it sounds a bit richer because of the greater incorporations of strings as diverging melody but it still has that Wild Nothing feel – the oh so sweet croning of Jack Tatum accompanied by catchy bass riffs.

For a dream pop group created in the college dorm rooms of Virginia, Wild Nothing have come along way. Tatum is still the sole songwriter but you can hear in this album the subtle intricacies that moving to a recording studio with the acclaimed producer Nicholas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Animal Collective) has had on the album. In particular the emphasis on arpeggio riffs I feel is something that has been brought in a bit of Deerhunter and the experimentation with sounds seems a bit like Animal Collective albeit in a less abstract way.

It’s interesting that Wild Nothing is again another example of how independent songwriters are staking their claim in the musical world. Although this time Tatum actually had a drummer rather than using programmed beats everything was conceived of by Tatum. This is probably a trend that has been exacerbated by the proliferation of home studio recording which is making everything that much more accessible. I think this makes Wild Nothing’s effort even more commendable and perhaps a bit of inspiration to us all really on the fact that you don’t really need that much fancy equipment to record some good tracks.

I highly recommend this album it’ll hook you after the first listen and even after a couple of repeats it still has moments that’ll surprise you.

Top Tracks: Shadow, Nocturne, Only Heather


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