No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Velociraptor – The World Warriors

Party starters and general bad-asses Velociraptor will are about to release their mini-Lp The World Warriors. Originally starting as a three piece ensemble starring DZ Deathrays, the group has expanded to a 12-piece known for their infectious singles and energetic live shows.

But yeah man, The World Warriors features hit singles Cynthia and Riot that have been getting radio play through Triple J and are a testament to the pop rock style that Velociraptor are trying to distinguish themselves in. In particular, Cynthia has been running through my head for about 6 months, which is why I used the word infectious above. If you haven’t heard these songs though, you just haven’t been trying hard enough. The rest of The World Warriors is a bit of a mix. Surf City Raptors sounds almost Beach Boys-like and lead singer Jeremy Neale puts his personal touch on The Walk On By. We’ve posted some of his solo work on our twitter account, but he’s just an insanely talented musician.

The World Warriors Mini-LP will be released through Create Control on September 7.




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