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this calls for some tuneskies

Second Hand Heart launch Trouble video

We get a lot of emails at No Jackets and I rarely get a chance to go through them all and write about new music, especially when the email comes direct from an artist. But for whatever reason, I felt compelled to pick out an email today. And I’m glad I did because Second Hand Heart‘s new video for their single Trouble is truly stunning.

The Melbourne-based group have been in the system for a few years but until I stumbled upon their twitter account (@SHHBand) the other week I hadn’t really given them much of a listen. They say their influences are the likes of Big Scary and Sarah Blasko, but it is hard to expressly  categorise them in one genre. The best thing to do is listen and decide for yourself. And if you don’t like this version, they’ve recorded one in French as well which is available on their Unearthed page and called Tu Me Perds

They’re actually playing at The Grace Darling tonight. Even though I was looking forward to a nice night at home watching the footy, this might change my mind.

They’ll be having an official Film Clip launch at The Empress on the 8th September


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