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Summer of Music Guide: Falls Music & Arts Festival

If you don’t want to spend too much time planning your New Years Eve, The Falls Festival is an easy option. The festival begins on the 28th of December and concludes on New Years Day. The festival takes place at two locations, the Victorian one is just outside Lorne, while the line-up also travels across the straight to Marion Bay in Tasmania.


This year will mark the 19th Falls Festival. The festival has traditionally been quite diverse, with the focus not just on music, but incorporating the arts, comedy, and cuisine. With the festival operating in two places, the line-up alternates each night. Bands play the 30th at Lorne and the 31st at Marion Bay, and vice versa.

The line-up has gradually expanded over the years, with international acts like The Hives and The Kooks having made numerous appearances. The original festivals featured the likes of Pennywise, Iggy Pop and Blondie, while the recent festivals have continued the generally diverse genres; with the likes of Crystal Castles, Arctic Monkeys and Easy Star All Stars making appearances last year.


Crowd: In recent years, the Falls Festival has expanded to become one of Victoria’s most popular festivals. With a line-up that combines factors for both the underground crowd and the more mainstream crowd, each year has become a near guaranteed sell-out. A key factor though, is the timing of the festival. It has now become commonplace for wealthy students from Melbourne to make the trip down to spend New Years Eve with a large group of people. It is one of the best parties you can have, and requires little organising. What results is a generally upper class attendance. There is certainly no shortage of chinos and floral dresses. If you plan on attending, leave the Bintang singlet at home.

Line-up: This year, Falls has landed a strong, if not star-studded line-up. Traditional legends The Flaming Lips will play a truly magical set, while it is highly likely that either Hot Chip or Two Door Cinema Club will bring in the New Years in Lorne. The line-up features a number of the biggest international rock acts from this year, with Best Coast, Beach House, and The Hives making an appearance down-under. Basically, the line-up is basically the Triple J playlist for 2012 and expect all these acts to feature highly on the Hottest 100 in January.

Grounds: The grounds at Lorne are truly beautiful. Set in the hills around Lorne, the main stage is situated at the bottom of a natural amphitheatre, while the Grand Theatre at the top of the hill hosts the lesser known acts. There is little to no noise pollution despite the relatively closeness of the two stages.

Defining Moment

One of the biggest acts of 2009 featured at Falls. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have long been a live favourite, but this set is just phenomenal. Karen O just completely owns the stage here.


After all this, Lorne has sold-out. There are still some tickets available for the Marion Bay festival, but as usual, you’ll be able to pick up tickets through eBay or Gumtree when the date gets closer.


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