No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

The Cairos @ Northcote Social Club 21/7/12

The Cairos gig was quite different to the one we’d witnessed the night before. Although both The Cairos and Millions have somewhat similar sounds, but their live shows we’re vastly contrasting.

Our group was a a couple of people larger this night, but with set-times the same as the night before, we made the exact same trip a second time. Support act The Preachers, had joined The Cairos for the entire tour and this gig was the last stop. Led by the stunning, Alison-Mosshart-esque Isabella and the charming Gideon, the set was highlighted by their song Take A Card which has been played on a number of alternative radio-channels in the last year. The group’s blues-rock set was a perfect warm-up to the rest of the night.

The Cairos were using this gig as a celebration at the end of the tour. It was a very casual gig, as the group interact with the crowd and their management throughout. One of my mates seemed to dislike the casual atmosphere, claiming the banter was a bit disappointing, but I believed that it made the band more enjoyable with less stress. The set involved their latest single We All Buy Stars, and the group asked The Preachers to return to stage to help cover Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time. After closing the set with their other big single Shame, the group returned to stage for their “first ever encore”, Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes. The highlight was the drummer sprinting down the stairs back to stage to join the encore, having run off to relieve himself. Their love of power ballads is obvious, but it was still a very accomplished set.


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