No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Millions @ Northcote Social Club 21/7/12

I’ll admit we’ve been a little lazy with gig reviews over the last few weeks, but after a thoroughly enjoyable few nights of live music I’m re-entering the game.

So Friday night we headed down to Northcote Social Club to see Millions. The young lads from Brisbane came to prominence in 2011 after being picked by Triple J to open the amphitheatre at Splendour in the Grass at Woodford. I made a special effort to see them that day, one of about 100 people, and sat three-quarters of the way up the amphitheatre (about 150m away.) I was impressed with their sound then and was quite excited for their show.

Main supported from the admirable Step-Panther. With a look resembling an early Nirvana, the Sydney trio blasted through a surf-rock set that was highlighted by new single D-Minus from their upcoming 7′ Paranoia. There were some other familiar tracks with Fight Like a Knight and Superpowerz available from the Triple J Unearthed page. Only criticism would be the tendency for the group to look at their feet when they were playing. Even Kurt Cobain looked at the crowd every once in a while.

Millions took to the stage dressed in dinner suits. They claimed they’d come from a graduation but I like to think this is their usual attire. The Northcote Social Club was quite full by this point, as Millions rolled through the set with as much class as their appearance deserved. The set featured predominantly tracks from their sole EP at this point in their career Nine Lives, Six Degrees, which included single Guru. Throughout, the set I couldn’t help thinking that they would be a great band to have play at a Wedding, and their cover of Be My Baby  later on in the set only confirmed my thoughts. But the set highlight was their closing track and Triple J favourite Slow Burner, which insured the crowd left in high spirits, despite the lack of encore. Despite, their relative inexperience on the stage, Millions proved that confidence and enthusiasm can transfer into a strong live show.


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