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this calls for some tuneskies

PVT @ Phoenix Public House 24/5/12

With an appearance at Sydney’s Vivid Live last week, the London-based Australian group PVT (formerly Pivot) performed a warm-up gig at Phoenix Public House on Thursday. Having last toured Australia in January of 2011 with Laneway Festival, the set was mainly used as a chance to try out some new tracks from their forthcoming fourth album. After two well-received albums, the group have developed a cult global following, to the extent that a poster from their second album O soundtrack My Heart appeared on the wall of the office in The IT Crowd.

The Phoenix Public House was hosting what will be one of its few remaining gigs, before it closes down. In what is becoming a disappointingly regular occurrence following the end of the East Brunswick Club earlier this year, the current business cycle is taking its toll on the industry. With a large underground music following in Melbourne, it’s a shame to see these types of venues closing.

With the majority of the set made up with new tracks, unfortunately I am unable to provide a full analysis of the performance but rather look at the transitions the band seem to making in the future. The set contained a number of fan favourites from their previous album; including Light Up Bright Fires, and the title-track of their third album Church With No Magic which gave lead singer Richard Pike a chance to texture the soaring electronica that they have become famous for.

Their newer tracks lend more credence to the vocals, pushing away from the minimalism that had been prevalent on O Soundtrack My Heart and Church With No Magic. As they attempt to come to grips with how to best perform these tracks, there were a few technological teething issues throughout the gig, but nothing that the crowd weren’t excusing of. I guess lucky that it happens in the warm-up than at the Opera House.



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