No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Wavves at the Corner Hotel 9/5/12

Wavves played a brilliant and blazing set at the Corner Hotel on Wednesday night.  A sideshow from their Groovin’ the Moo tour, they were playing to a more receptive crowd than they have probably been used to.  It was with an air of nostalgia to a brilliant set Wavves played at Golden Plains in 2011 we entered the venue, not to be disappointed, Wavves lived up to the drunken memories.  The front and centre of the mosh was a cauldron of sweat and chaos, made up mostly of drunken men expressing their primal needs for violence.  There was also a light sprinkling of adoring teenage girls, doing their best to survive long enough to scream at the punk Robert Pattinson – Nathan Willaims.  Or maybe not.

It was a punk rock show from the beginning, King of the Beach started a cracking set, instantly getting the crowd into the mood.  Wavves set about their work fairly dutifully, mostly ignoring the yelling from the crowd, managing to get through Idiot and then the instant classic from their new EP; the ode to Nirvana’s greatest drummer.  Screaming out “I wanna meet Dave Grohl” along with 300 other people was certainly an experience not to be forgotten.  Post Acid, one of my personal favourite tracks, was an absolute highlight, providing prime oppurtunity for some neuron-destroying head banging.  “Nodding Off” and “Destroy” two duets with Best Coast and Fucked Up respectively, two of my favourite tracks from the new EP were missing, it would have been nice for the band to make and attempt at these new ones.  Sonic Youth 100% was covered to an adoring audience, relishing the heavy, noise-driven punk rock that ensued.  “Wavves,” one of the bands oldest tracks really came to life in the live setting, revealing Nathan Williams more esoteric musical influences.

If anything, the high energy set did not last for as long as much of the crowd would have liked, but that is generally to be expected with such an intensity of performance.  Nathan Williams jumped into the crowd as the set closed, falling into a maze of arms and adoration, ensconcing himself in the sweating and appreciative arms of a well entertained set of fans.  There was no encore, Wavves had done all they could for the night.  My ears ringing I left the venue, struggling to put one foot in front of another.


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