No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Pond @ Northcote Social Club 23/4/12

It’s a bit of an awkward trek to Northcote Social Club for me. Living in the south-eastern suburbs, it takes two specific train rides to get there. Unfortunately on this night I missed the second tram and had to find alternative methods. Being the poor student I am, I can’t afford a taxi so ended up needing to take a different train and a tram to get there. So this poor time management meant that I missed all the support acts, but from what I learnt from friends in the crowd, The Laurels were quite impressive, making feel a little bad for missing them.

I’ll admit I’m quite a new fan of Pond. The last time I saw them opening for MGMT I found them to be a little immature and pretentious. But when performing to their own sold-out crowd, this pretentiousness becomes a well-deserved arrogance. The seemingly casual interactions between the group on stage are humourous, and a true sign of a group that are just enjoying what they’re doing.

The set was split between songs from their highly acclaimed LP Beard, Wives, Denim released earlier this year and their back catalogue but the band manage to display a wide variety musical juxtaposition. When the lead singer picks up a flute to play You Broke My Cool, an organ-driven piece with spacey guitars, you don’t expect to hear the dynamic Fantastic Explosion Of Time as its follow-up, but this is exactly how the group played. Frond, the 10-minute epic from their last album, contrasts this even further, with its Pink Floyd-esque riffs and harmonies, encapsulating the true feeling of the song. I greatly enjoyed the late set cover of MC5’s Kick Out The Jams, a song which has often been covered by bigger bands than Pond, but they really seemed to make it their own.

You still hear Pond referred to in relation to Tame Impala, and with three members in common perhaps this is not so surprising. This current tour has shown that Pond are starting to follow the footsteps of their more esteemed colleagues, with sold-out shows and exciting live shows. They are starting to develop their own shadow.


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