No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Tupac Shakur Returns to Mixed Reaction

Coachella: Reactions

“Oh yeah, I was into that guy before he was a hologram” – Hipster

“Yeah I just feel there is a greater degree of ingenuity and reality when the dead artist is digitized and controlled by a fat white guy sitting behind a bank of computer monitors, light controls and laser activated graphics.” – Sarcastic Hispter

“Holograms are the new Red Leather” –  Kanye West

“It doesn’t matter who dies, as long as we can still make money digging him up from his grave and making him dance like a puppet for own amusement” – Jay-Z: the first black billionaire.

“At best it was worshipping a dead-man, at worst it bordering on necrophilia.”  – Stoner in audience

“Jesus Christ is dead and I pray to him everyday, I don’t see why the young people shouldn’t be allowed to do the same for 2PAC” – Barack Obama (via twitter)

Zombie 2PAC Returns: Hundreds take to shelters in preparation for the coming rapocolypse.  – News Paper Headline

“I saw Biggie’s Hologram buying rolling papers, dorritos and a case of Heineken”.  – 7-11 attendant on acid in Brooklyn

Glee wants to cover 2Pac in there next episode, says the series creator; “I had never heard of 2Pac before he debuted at Coachella, I love his style!  He’s someone we’re excited to leach popularity off for our up-coming season”

“Yeah, that Ivory Coast goalkeeper, I love his beats” – Wayne Rooney


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