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DZ Deathrays – Bloodstreams

The politics of the music industry can be quite interesting. All it seems to take for a band to get popular is a degree of luck and favouritism from industry people to get a band’s name in lights. DZ Deathrays have been in the Australian circuit for a while, but until May of last year, they were a relatively unknown force. Sure, they played the odd support tour for The View and Dananananaykroyd, but without the support of the Australian media, I wondered how they’d manage to get to the next step. To say it’s been a whirlwind six months is a bit of an understatement for the Brisbane boys. Landing the opening slot for the Foo Fighters Australian tour was a start, and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dave Grohl and Jack Black did wonders for their career. Before you know it, NME Magazine are naming them at number 4 in the Top 20 New Bands of 2012. A band who have little recognition in their home country are about to explode in England and Europe.

Next week, marks the release of their debut LP Bloodstreams. It is one of the more adrenaline-filled releases I’ve heard in a few years. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Death From Above 1979. But it’s not just loud noises and shouting, there’s a mellower side to the album that’s a bit unexpected from a pair that a known for their rowdy, electro rock.

Lead single No Sleep has been travelling around the underground airwaves for a few months now. It’s probably the most typical song on the album and sums up the idea that lead singer Shane Parsons is more of a screamer than a singer. Play Dead Until Your Dead is complete contrast with this, with verses almost musical from the group and it takes until the chorus for a real shout to come out of Shane’s mouth. One of the things that stands out for me about this album is the variety in the songs. While mainly staying around the same idea of loud guitars and shouting, there is enough electronics and singing through various tracks to keep you interested. Cops/Capacity features the loudest guitars as raw power drives the rack, while Debt Death has a more electro feel to it.

IT is a very impressive debut for the young group. A highly unusual sound and varying genres appear through the album make it incredibly fun to listen to. I would love to see how the media here respond to it.


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