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this calls for some tuneskies

Mosman Alder: New Single

Brisbane indie-pop band Mosman Alder have just released their new single.  Flowing with the landslide of alternative music coming out of Brisbane, Mosman Adler manage to differentiate themselves from the pack with their lead singer’s baritone vocals and subtle references to Lysergic acid diethylamid.  Their single Raisin Heart is the lead from their forthcoming EP and they have another track Sunday on their Myspace (I know, right?) which I prefer.  However, Raisin Heart is a subtle pop song, with elements reminiscent of bands like Little Red or even Arcade Fire.  There are melodies on guitar, matched by strings and repeated by piano, intertwined with an addictive vocal lead.  The line ‘I don’t really give a fudge‘ made me cringe just a little bit along with the choral backing vocals; a trait so omnipresent in much new music as it has become something akin to the outpouring of Facebook ‘likes’ for a global justice social media campaign.  Overall, the track is promising and shows the dynamic quality of the Brisbane music scene able to produce low-fi and punk rock like DZ Deathrays as well as this more polished pop song.

Raisin Heart on SoundCloud.


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