No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Night Works – I Tried So Hard

Everyone loves a mystery, only last year it was the unveiling of the identities of the Summer Camp members which kept the blogsphere enthralled. Rumours spread that they were a Swedish band of seven but it eventually turned out that they were a duo from England. This year it is Night Works who have just released the first single from their upcoming debut album ‘Tried So Hard’ which will be released on Record Store Day (21st April). The video itself is mesmerising; there really is something about a guy playing the bongos. There is a minimal piano arrangement that contributes to a mystic atmosphere that undoubtedly borders on supreme pretentiousness. Nonetheless this preview of Tried So Hard is very promising but we’ll have to see whether or not it can maintain the mystery buzz or if like Summer Camp a promising single (Better Off Without You) is letdown by an overly complex conceptual album such as ‘Welcome to Condale’.


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