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Monday Round-up: The slow death of music festivals


It’s been a tough 12 months for music festivals. It began with Good Vibrations postponing their 2012 event, went through the appalling concept of Rewind Festival and the hilarity of Heatwave and included the one-time festival lynch pin Big Day Out downsizing their shows. The cancellation of Playground Weekender this weekend was one of more surprise. A solid line-up supported strong ticket sales and with organisers who weren’t completely clueless when it came to festivals, it was looking to be on of the few festivals to survive the economic turmoil. Unfortunately, Mother Nature was having none of it, sending a thunderstorm, making the camp grounds unsafe. The organisers were able to put on a number of replacement shows but they were never going to be as profitable as the real festival. It’s a real shame that this has happens but unfortunately there isn’t much to do about it.

In tour news, Coldplay let slip this morning that they will be back in the country this November. Coldplay are always one to divide opinion, and I’m really one way or the other. I’m not the biggest fan of their music, but their festival set at Splendour last year was simply amazing. I probably won’t get a ticket, with my November already focussing solely on Radiohead. I also think that it will be a tour mostly consisting of new songs, rather than their ok stuff from the past.

Gig of the Week

Both Golden Plains and Future Music Festival are on this weekend, and my pick for gig of the week is Urge Overkill at the Espy. Perhaps most well-known for their Neil Diamond cover Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon, the american alt-rockers are in town for Golden Plains and will lead a great gig in the Gershwin Room.

Album of the Week
Bleeding Knees Club – Nothing To Do

The Gold Coast boys had a huge 2011 and it seems like 2012 will only get bigger with the release of their debut album. Already getting huge hype from NME in the UK, the summer fuzz sound that dominates the album is incredibly enjoyable, if a bit repetitive and a little one-dimensional.

What I’m Listening To

Yuck – Yuck

Their self-titled debut album from early last year grew on me. I really regret seeing them when they were in town last month, but hopefully they will tour again soon. Likened to Sonic Youth, the young group have quite a career ahead of them if they can keep up this level.


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