No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

First Look: White Arrows

White Arrows is a five piece band consisting of LA natives Mickey Schiff & Henry Schiff, JP Caballero, Steven Vernet, Rob Banks, and Damon Kellard. Interstingly it turns out that the bassist Caballero is actually the brother of frontman Mickey Schiff, a fact that was only revealed to them in recent years.

Not content to be just another band in the vast sphere of electro-pop, White Arrows have declared themselves as the ‘blackest ‘white’ band’ in addition to creating their own specific genre classification of ‘psychotropical’. Exactly what that means is certainly up to interpretation but if you like bands such as MGMT or Animal Collective; White Arrows is certainly worth a listen.

Hear the title track from their upcoming debut album Fireworks of the Sea which will be released on April 3rd.



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