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this calls for some tuneskies

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds @ Palais Theatre 31/1/12

I’ve been a big Oasis fan for a few years and I’d probably say that it was them more than any other band that has defined my taste today. When they broke up, I was disappointed that I may have missed the chance to see them live. Both the Gallagher brothers have since taken separate paths, and Noel becomes the first of the two to make the trip down-under in his new format. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds are just Noel and a backing band. Unlike, brother Liam, Noel is using his name and call as the key marketing tool, and it has worked effectively so far as he successfully sold out the Palais Theatre. With a well-received debut album, not to mention the huge back-catalogue of Oasis tunes at his disposal, it was a gig for true fans of Noel.

Opening with a dig at his old band, he covered the Oasis original (It’s Good) To Be Free as Noel unleashed the restraints that Oasis held on him. From the first chat with the crowd, Noel seemed happier away from the tension that was Oasis as he let his Mancunian charm shine through. Now with the focus solely on him, Noel was able to indulge the crowd while maintain his arrogance that has become customary with the Gallagher brothers. Seemingly outraged at the seated venue of the Palais, Noel made the crowd stand up after early-set Dream On, something that I’m sure would have happened sooner rather than later anyway.

The set was split fifty-fifty between High Flying Birds tracks and Oasis tracks, but the crowd would have taken either. The response for The Death of You and Me could have matched the shout for Mucky Fingers, while new song Freaky Teeth (which is rumoured to be the next Bond Theme around the internet) is as anthemic as any other song performed on the night. The two song punch of Whatever and Supersonic was my highlight of the night, as lyrics “I’m free to be whatever I choose” seemed highly appropriate. The encore was entirely Oasis covers, as Don’t Look Back In Anger proved to be the best sing-a-long on the night, with Noel electing to let the crowd take over the iconic chorus.

The reception from the crowd was full of respect. Rather than cry over the end of Oasis, they had embraced the change. It will be interesting to see how they would react to a Beady Eye tour.


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