No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Naysayer and Gilsun at the Hi-Fi 16/12/11

The band room was relatively empty upon arrival but I was keen to see up-and-comers I’lls and Millions play live.  I enjoyed I’lls, reminding me very much of Radiohead, playing gentle rock with subtle drums and soothing vocals.  They have the potential to do big things.  Millions played much more straight-forward punk rock set; enjoyable but uninspired.  The crowd was sufficiently excited by this time and soon the head-liners took the stage.

Naysayer and Gilsun debuted their audio-visual set at Roxanne Parlour a few months ago and have spent the time in between honing and perfecting their trade.  A giant screen filled with interchanging visuals from televsion, movies and the internet loomed over the hi-fi  as the crowd peaked in size, excitement and sweat.  Naysayer and Gilsun stood to the side and allowed their work to take focus; mixing some of their old mashup with new visuals, new tracks with classic movies, Tom Cruise with Alec Baldwin and Al Bundy and the crowd lapped up every second of it.  Easily my highlight was the introudction of a scene from Seinfeld in which George and Jerry discuss the age-old problem of exactly who what and were Holland is whilst sporting glorious moustaches.  I have been saying ‘who are the Dutch?’ to myself for the past week.  There is nothing quite as exciting as the amalgamation of two cultural loves; and this was close to perfect.  Other high-points were the Pon Di Floor/Song 2 mashup, a classic from their previous mixtape In Space.  The set closer was a remix of Lotus Flower, backed with the instant classic Thom Yorke dance which debuted earlier this year.

This set was thoroughly enjoyable, and the amount of work and meticulous effort put in by these two young DJ’s was clear.  Watch for Naysayer and Gilsun in the future, they are playing both at BDO and Golden Plains.


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