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Hipster News: Bon Iver loses God status and the Hipster Music Game

Even though every single blog in the World partakes in Hipster bashing, we’ve decided that we need to join the times. Also, I wanted to draw a comic.

Bon Iver receives Grammy Nominations
This afternoon, the nominations for the Grammy awards were announced. Lo and behold, Bon Iver has received 3 worthy nominations. After escaping from the chamber where he recorded For Emma, Forever Ago, his self-titled sophomore album has spearheaded his career, leading to nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. Just goes to show what fresh water and a working lavatory can do.  After losing Arcade Fire last year, Hipsters all over Brunswick will be reeling at the possibility of losing another one of their leaders.
The Grammys are a curious thing. How they can create three categories for Best Record, Best Single and Best Album is beyond me. If anyone has a definition for “Record” these days, please let me know.

The Hipster Music Game
The Hipster Music Game is constantly in motion. In any conversation involving music and a hipster, it takes place. The basic rules are outlined in the badly drawn Paint comic below.

Of course, depending on the relative Hipster-ness of competitors, this game could go on for hours. The winner will be left in the running for “King of the Hipsters”, while the loser is shamed and forced to shave their moustache.


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