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ReWiggled: A Tribute to the Wiggles

Every Australian child grows up with The Wiggles. I’ve got a bigger than average family, with three siblings born between 1989 and 1996. So while the rest of the world went through the 90s with Nirvana, Oasis and The Spice Girls, my parents listened almost entirely to The Wiggles. My Mum might know very little about Nevermind, but she still knows all the words to every Wiggles song. Apparently my older sister refused to listen to anything else until she was five. This was the effect that The Wiggles had on the world.

ReWiggled is a tribute album recorded by some of Australia’s favourite alternative artists, including Jebediah, Architecture in Helsinki, Bluejuice, Washington and The Living End. It’s quite a curious concept, and I’d imagine it would have been quite challenging for all the bands involved. There’s a talent to entertaining children. Children have a different perspective to adults, one which the Wiggles have mastered but a lot of bands don’t have experience in. Can you imagine Spiderbait rocking out with four-year-olds? It wouldn’t seem natural.

As a number of bands would have listened to The Wiggles growing up, the tribute album allows them to show how the Wiggles influenced their work. While for some it might not be a particularly huge influence, part of me has always thought Architecture in Helsinki would make a great children’s band. Their arrangement of Wiggly Party is my personal highlight on the album, and could very easily be a Wiggles arrangement in itself. Some of the rockier tracks on the album seem to go down pretty well, especially given the starting tracks. Sydney lads Papa Vs Pretty pull out a particularly punky cover of Can (You Point Your Fingers), while Jebediah and The Living End do what they do best on Getting Strong! and Hot Potato respectively. Each band chooses to recognise The Wiggles in their own way. Bluejuice choose to back-off from the synth and play a laid-back, Spanish cover of Wake Up Jeff! with impressive results, while Adalita performs a typical sultry version of Get Ready to Wiggle.

I’m a little surprised how much I like this album, because the songs were all written for Children. Maybe it just shows that we’re all really children at heart, and just need ReWiggled to remind us.


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