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Album Review Bonus Round: Bluejuice – Community

In the midst of one of our most intense exam periods, our blog posts have dried up. To make it up to you guys, I’m going to write-up a heap of short, sharp reviews of albums released in the last few weeks that I haven’t had time to review. It’s the ALBUM REVIEW BONUS ROUND!!!! Then I can get back to procrastinating on XKCD and other web-comics.

Australian Party-starters Bluejuice are set to release their third album Community this coming Friday. With a history full of infectious beats and dance anthems, spearheaded by singles Vitriol and Broken Leg, there’s a lot pressure for Community to continue this trend.

Lead single Act Yr Age is as catchy as they come, and through listening it appears the band have more-or-less taken up where they left off. There is the standard Bluejuice operations, with numbers that are sure to get the crowd jumping.

As the band have developed, they now recognise their status as party-starters and Community has pushed the party element to another level. This is no mean feat, because there earlier albums had more party than even Amy Winehouse could have handled.

The band will play Pyramid Rock and have just been announced for Big Day Out as well.  The band is perfectly suited for these sorts of festival, and I would heavily advise catching them this summer if you can.


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