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Wavves’ Life Sux + Rambling

Ahh the internet; how I love thee.  When I was about 10 I remember before school one day, the special treat of being allowed to surf the internet by myself.  I looked up a Star Wars website on, by my current standards at least, the excruciatingly slow and anachronistic Dial Up 56kb/s connection.  My data plan at the moment allows for 70 gig of downloads, and this month I have already used up 52 gigs watching Boardwalk Empire and downloading music.  For interest’s sake it would take about a little over ten days straight to download that much data on 56kb/s connection; assuming the modem didn’t drop out or waver from full capacity.  Which it wouldn’t.

MY point here is that internet has changed the way we relate to music.  It never changed the way I relate to music because I grew up on Limewire; but the rise of the internet in relation to music becomes all the more pertinent when NME run massive obituaries for a computer company CEO.  Not only in downloading music, but live music too, I watched Coachella this year, on my computer in the uni library, just like everyone else.  Buying tickets for major events has become a matter of ADSL Connection lines, not lines of people camping out for days to see Aerosmith.  The lines Aerosmith use are still the same as in the 70s.  Albeit slightly more expensive now.

To get closer to the point in this paragraph, I wanted to talk about Wavves’ new EP Life Sux.  I have been following the band on twitter for most of this year, and his are some of the most consistently funny and relevant tweets out there.  They are mostly about playing guitar, getting high and watching Seinfeld, which directly relates to my interests.  The account is mostly run by front man Nathan Williams and is definitely worth following “Fuck college fuck school fuck the cops fuck the world smoke blunts murder your friends kill your family pet jack off on a babies face” and “#np Springstein born to run aka the best song ever”  “Took some more nyquill and a long hot shower chilling in a robe drinking tea w lemon, smoking a j watching bottle deposit ep of Seinfeld”.

He had been promoting the new EP incessantly and I really felt a sort of connection with the band, following them as they twittered their way around the US with Fucked Up for their latest tour.  I felt like they were working hard, I felt like they deserved my 7 dollars and I resovled to buy the EP.  I prefer to buy CDs still than on iTunes, probably because I download so much music illegally downloading it legally just seems like an empty gesture.  Plus you get the pleasure of actually owning something physical – still immensely more satisfying in my opinion.  However, I had some money on my iTunes account care of birthday vouchers and I was feeling particularly lazy this day so I bought Wavves’ Life Sux on iTunes.  Took about five minutes, didn’t even leave my bed.  My point about the internet continues to make itself.

To finally get to the eventual point; Life Sux is great.  Just what you’d expect from noise rock surf pop stoners.  I wanna meet Dave Grohl is a glorious tribute to a great musician, straddling the line between awesome and overly-commerical, just like Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters do.  Easily my favourite track is the collaboration with Fucked Up, the Canadian punk rockers, called Destroy.  There is just something great about the screaming vocal prowess of the fat bald guy from Toronto.  Bug and Nodding Off (with his girl-friend, Best Coast, WOOPAHH ) are also strong tracks.  This being just an EP there is not too much boring album filler, which is always refreshing.  Nothing worse than three strong tracks to open an album and pitiful studio session shit finishing the record, taking up valuable megabytes in iTunes.  That;s why I like Dark Side of the Moon.  Life Sux is also the first record on Wavves’ very own new label Ghost Ramp.  It will be interesting to see what sort of bands he is able to sign and what sort of vibe a label run by Wavves ends up as.  This was a pretty lazy post, but I’m a pretty lazy guy so you take what you can get I guess.


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