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Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

It’s been over two years since Oasis broke up. The band that started my alternative rock obsession, and arguably defined my taste today. The Gallagher brothers could no longer work together. But they have continued separately, with Liam remaining with his former band-mates to start Beady Eye and Noel beginning his solo career. Beady Eye released their debut Different Gear, Still Speeding earlier this year, Noel releases his debut album this week. While I still crave for the two of them to sort out their differences, I am not too disappointed with both of these works. Beady Eye maintain the ‘Madferit’ attitude that was associated with Oasis, while Noel’s song-writing ability restores some of the former glory, without Liam’s vocals.

But turning attention to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, it is obvious that this album has come in a later period of Noel’s life. There are more similarities between Oasis’ final work Dig Out Your Soul than there is to Morning Glory, but it still has the distinctive Oasis style that we first came accustomed to on Definitely Maybe.  Noel was always the main song-writing in Oasis, and all of their stronger tracks were his composition. It seemed that most of their weaker album tracks came from other band-mates. Remove the weaker links and you’re left with pure Noel.

It’s important to note that a couple of these tracks have come from earlier days. (I Want To Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine was considered for Dig Out Your Soul and Stop The Clocks was a strong candidate to appear on Don’t Believe The Truth and was later the title of the compilation album, neither of which featured the song itself.

There’s a bit more of a diversity of sound in this album. Soldier Boy and Jesus Freaks and Dream On feature a trumpet and we get distinctive piano on Everybody’s On The Run. In typical Gallagher style, there’s classic hooks and anthemic choruses but without the angst from the siblings. If I Had A Gun.. is the most iconic song on the album, and could become a festival favourite in England.

There reaches a point for every musician where you can’t just sing about being a Rock ‘n Roll Star. This occurred many years ago for Noel, but has only just embraced his position. It seems that without the pressure of working with his brother, he is able to concentrate his emotions more directly into his own music. High Flying Birds shows what was great about Brit Pop, but also shows how it can develop in the contemporary world.


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