No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

BDO Line-up: (Insert bad skating pun here)

Seriously, who skates anymore? Tony Hawk is about as relevant as a condom in a lesbian bar.

We’ve had Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, System of a Down and Prince all rumoured as the Headliners for 2012 Big Day Out. For a while, it seemed that anyone wanting 15 minutes of fame started shouting about their insider knowledge, claiming any selection of bands are confirmed…cough…BDOSpy…cough, but finally, Kanye West, Soundgarden and Kasabian were announced as the three headliners of the festival.

For the last few years, BDO has been under intense pressure from Splendour in the Grass to retain the title of Australia’s greatest festival. It is now confirmed that Splendour is bigger and better. Just looking at the three headliners alone we get this impression. Kanye matches up as headliner on both BDO 2012 and Splendour 2011. Reformed 90s act? Pulp beats Soundgarden. Internationallly known British act? Coldplay beats Kasabian. Non-musical celebrity? Julian Assange beats Tony Hawk. The Challenger has become the champion.

In fact, the majority of the lineup so far have already visited our shores. And recently. Foster the People and Kanye were at Splendour. OFWGKTA were at Vivid Live. Best Coast were at Golden Plains. Girl Talk and Kasabian played BDO two years ago. There is very little risk in this line-up, and will push some more musical punters away.

The announced line-up so far is;
Kanye West
My Chemical Romance
The Living End
Hilltop Hoods
Boy and Bear
Parkway Drive
Mariachi El Bronx
Architecture in Helsinki
The Jezabels
Odd Future (OFWGKTA)
Frenzal Rhomb
Girl Talk
The Getaway Plan
Cage The Elephant
Foster The People
Best Coast

…I’m gonna go play Tony Hawk’s on 64.


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