No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

BigDayOutSpy is a Total Clown

Who is this clown? Does he think he is special?  It seems to me that any complete retard could have guessed the smaller acts he has announced for BDO via his twitter account.  He then tries to tweet a clue based on assigning values to letters of a bands name.  No one guesses it and he scolds his followers, only to realise a few minutes later that he had posted the wrong number.  What kind of complete moron can’t use a calculator/google/abacus to add up numbers ?

It was at this point that I completely lost patience.  His credibility waning; the official Big Day Out account posted this comment on Facebook hoping for confirmation of Jimi Hendrix.

My point is, this guy is useless and sometimes, patience is a virtue.

Out of interest, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have world wide tour dates confirmed all the way up until the middle of January. It wouldn’t make a great deal of sense to completely ignore Australia with the release of their new album and Big Day Out would be a logical choice.  Anyway, the official Big Day Out Lineup announcement is in early October.


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