No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Grouplove – Never Trust A Happy Song

Dec and I have had a really busy few weeks. You can probably tell this by the recent dry-up of posts, with the exception of a few sporadic news pieces. I usually try to use this blog as a way to escape from the real world because it gives me a chance to get my head out of my finance textbooks and into some good music. But for the last few weeks, there’s be nothing I’ve really been able to give a good listen to. And this means I haven’t been able to review anything as I’ve gradually regressed back into listening to my favourite ‘Classic-Rock’ bands. The Doors and The Beatles in particular. But there’s nothing to write about there. It’s all been done.

But now it’s Spring. The S.A.D is gone, I’ve finished my mid-semester exams and Grouplove are streaming their new album Never Trust a Happy Song. Grouplove were here for Splendour in the Grass a month back, and I remember them sampling a few of the newer album tracks to a smallish crowd in the ampitheatre to quite a good reception. I find Grouplove such an uplifting band. And very relateable for me. The youthful exuberance that shines through in a number of their songs always manages to cheer me up.

To the album, there is a number of tracks that have been around for a while. We get to hear fan-favourites Colours and Itchin’ On A Photograph in LP-form, and  Naked Kids solidifies its cult following after appearing on their self-titled EP. You have to go in a little skeptical about the content of some of the songs, Never Trust A Happy Song is a bit foreboding as a title. But I can’t help but feel uplifted upon every listen.

I’m going to admit it, I don’t find Grouplove to be the most musically sophisticated band going around. My two favourite tracks from the album, Spun and Chloe, follow a very similar path but there are times when that’s all you need. Something to pull us out of the darkness that is winter, and something to remind us that summer is not far off.


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