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this calls for some tuneskies

Tokyo Police Club: 10 Songs, 10 Hours, 10 Days, 10 Years

For the last week or so, Tokyo Police Club have been releasing a track a day recognising their favourite songs of the ‘Noughties.’ For whatever reason, the band has authorised various online media sites to post a link to a Tokyo Police Club cover of a song released in a corresponding year. For example, they covered Under Control by The Strokes from 2003, which was then followed by Kelly Clarkson’s Since You Been Gone from 2004. You get the picture. While I like the concept, it seems the band came up with the idea quite quickly, and a lot of the covers seem under prepared. It’s only really the Kelly Clarkson cover that I would consider passable. The are particularly bad on the LCD cover.

9 Days in, we are only waiting on one more cover from 2010. Here is a list of covers so far:

2001: South Side – Moby

2002: Sweetness – Jimmy Eat World

2003: Under Control – The Strokes

2004: Since U Been Gone  – Kelly Clarkson

2005: Little Sister – Queens of the Stone Age

2006: Long Distance Call – Phoenix

2007: All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem

2008: Kim & Jessie – M83

2009: strictly Game – Harlem Shakes


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