No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

End of Winter Anti-Blues Music

The weather has been quite nice in Melbourne recently, and as I emerge from a milieu of wintery Sonic Youth-driven hibernation, I find myself searching for new music.  A selection of new surf-rock has appeared of the past few days from some of my favourite artists from the last year or so.

The new Wavves track is a sincere (I think?)  tribute to Dave Grohl and what he does.  Which is fair, the inspiration is obvious and Wavves brand of modern punk rock is reassuring when so many musicians these days seem to have missed the existence of the distortion switch on their amplifiers.  This track is off the upcoming and hilariously titled Life Sux EP

The Drums are streaming their new album Portamento in full.  It is a continuation of the beautfiul pop-rock with which they graced Australia twice in the past year.  Their performace at Groovin’ the Moo reinforced my impression of The Drums as Joy Division in a warmer and cheerier climate, and this album does not disappoint this expectation.  Stream it here 

Finally, Surfer Blood have made their new EP available for pre-order and while they are yet to release a track; they promised on twitter Tarrot Classics would be “much more heavy” which for me, is promising.  They recently recorded a cover of Territorial Pissings for a Nevermind tribute album that rocked pretty hard.


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