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Splendour Day Two: DEY TURK URR JURBS!

We were into the second day of music. After dancing our way through the likes of Modest Mouse, The Hives and Kanye the night before, the Saturday was seen as a chance to catch our breath. Or, get outrageously drunk and shout at people. Our posse of party people did exactly that.

But we did actually see some bands. We did a fair bit of that actually. It started with Ghoul, who were opening the Mix-Up stage at the early hour of 11am. I was curious to see them, as they have just been announced as touring with Jack Ladder in October and I needed to know what I was getting myself into. But more importantly, the early time-slot allowed me a rare opportunity to utilise the 3G network, which gets increasingly clogged up as the festival folk wake-up. Ghoul were quite impressive, an act I thoroughly look forward to seeing later.

After discovering this amazing Satay Wrap  on my way from the festival to camp, we discussed a variety of things. In particular our thoughts on how to start a rumor, following the mysterious non-appearance of Jay Z the night before. This led to the realization that Chris Martin of Coldplay is too nice a guy, apart from his peg leg*.


If you have watched one of our vlog posts, you will know our theme for the festival revolved around Celtic Football Club. With three Glasgow bands on the bill and a number of Celtic fans playing in these bands, I was excited for all three of them. We made our way to see the final of the three at around 1pm. Dananananaykroyd are a difficult band to categorise and also a very tiring band to pronounce, especially after a few drinks. I hadn’t heard of fight rock until I’d heard them, but now consider myself an expert in the matter. Their two bonkers frontmen spend their time singing in harmonies through pretty much every song, and when their not singing, they’re carrying on like children on Christmas. Invading the mosh, and rocking out in the middle of a crowd circle, Calum and John seemed to be trying to outdo each other in craziness. When order was restored, the band controlled the crowd, instigating a variety of the ‘Wall of Death’ known as a ‘Wall of Cuddles.’ But after this cornucopia of love had finished, we were left wanting more fight rock.

What will happen to Foster the People? Having been met by a huge crowd at the Mix-Up stage for their set, big things are expected of them. On a day with few musical highlights, Foster the People clashed with Children Collide at the 4pm time slot. Due to forces beyond our control, this would be our last set of the day. As I headed over to the Ampitheatre for Children Collide, who had the early jump on Foster the People, one couldn’t help but wonder how the crowd would be spread between the two. I only managed to stay for a few Children Collide songs, which luckily included Farewell Rocketship before heading to the mob outside of the Mix-Up Stage. I had to walk around the outside of the tent before finding a nook where I could see the band by standing on a rubbish bin. I don’t want to be too judgemental here, due to restricted vision, but I only really enjoyed Pumped Up Kicks, and spent most of the set wishing I’d stayed at Children Collide. But shit happens.

With a few hours to kill and only Regina Spektor as a staple on the night, El Vino did flow. I remember sitting with two guys from neighbouring tents, and shouting ‘They took our jobs!’ into the night sky. I remember running around the camp site and finding cans of Sprite. I remember getting tangled in someone’s tarpaulin. And then I remember I was at Regina. And then I was asleep. Anyone who can comment on Regina’s set will win a hug from myself.

I woke up Sunday morning in a daze….

*Chris Martin may or may not have a peg leg.

NB: Declan and Callum separated at one point during the night and these are Declan’s vague recollection of his adventures.  

As Callum disappeared into the distance I resolved that with a different group of people I should try even harder to get drunk and high, which I did.  We wandered to Pnau, an act I wouldn’t normally go out of my way to see, however they were as enjoyable as I can remember.  To be honest the best part of their set was when I was dared to climb the rope leading up to the side of the Mix-Up Tent and successfully did so, with only slight scaring to my fingers.  Pnau played a mix of their old and new tracks, their single The Truth definitely a highlight.  I came away from their set more of a fan than when I arrived which definitely lends credence to their ability to reproduce their electro-pop in a live setting.


One response to “Splendour Day Two: DEY TURK URR JURBS!

  1. Tash August 16, 2011 at 10:38 pm

    Not that there is anything wrong with a peg leg! Ha!
    Great reviews of Splendour, guys!

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