No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Selected New Music – 16th July

Blink-182 – Up All Night
Despite growing up in the 90s, I’m not a huge Blink fan.  This has done nothing to change this. The intro shows some potential, but there is very little to get excited about in the ‘Auto-tuned’ wreckage that follows.

The Kooks – Junk of the Heart
The Kooks keep on keeping on with this one. The Kooks have never had a problem creating catchy singles, and it comes as no surprise that this one is just as catchy. Their new album will be highly anticipated.

The Drums – Money
The Drums are a little confusing. Sometimes they’re post-punk, sometimes they’re indie-pop. This song somehow combines the two.

Beady Eye – Blue Moon
Liam Gallagher is a huge Man City fan, so much so that his current band Beady Eye covered the traditional City anthem Blue Moon to accompany the new seasons jersey launch. Love him or hate him, Gallagher somehow manages to pull this off.


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