No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

I Love You, Dude – Digitalism

As house music slowly dies at the hands of David Guetta and every 16 year old with an illegal copy of Pro Tools and a Skrillex obsession, there are few beacons that light the path to decent, original house music. Without over-aggrandising I would say  that I love you, dude by Digitalism is essential listening for anyone sick of that generic blur of high synth, low bass, r’n’b house mesh, impossible to avoid on commercial radio and that shitty Thursday night every tosser just won’t stop promoting.  

The two single releases Blitz and 2 Hearts are high tempo classic house tracks with a heavy rock/electro influence.  The album continues in the same vein while undoubtedly these are the strongest tracks.  Julian Casablancas co-wrote the track Forrest Gump and his barely audible backup vocals on the chorus match his influence and the subtle touch of raw garage rock he lends to the album.  . Reeperbahn is another very strong track with heavy synths broken by a thoroughly minimalistic Stephen King film soundtrack-esque interlude complete with screaming teenage girls and shattering glass.  Encore finishes the album with a track sounding very much like Daft Punk, but that is hardly a criticism.  Overall, this is a very solid dance album sure to encourage a tapping foot and definitely rouse a cheer from a drunken crowd when the duo play at Parklife later this year.


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