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Watch Out For: DZ Deathrays

This morning, NME released their 50 Best New Bands of 2011 So Far list. People love to judge bands on their potential, phrases like “these guys are the next Vampire Weekend” and “I hear Brandon Flowers originally played Sitar” could be heard as hipsters try to one-up their friends on music knowledge. And this list would be vital for their mission. While the list is dominated by indie-electro groups looking smug and quizzical in obscure environments, there are a few interesting acts. I really want to listen to Dry the River, who perform “Prog/rock inspired folk rock.” Whatever that is.

One of the acts that stood out were DZ Deathrays. It’s quite an impressive step for the Brisbane band to get on a list published in the UK, one of only two Australia acts on the list. We actually saw them a few years back. They were opening for someone at the HiFi Bar, and although I can’t remember too much of the actual set, I remember thinking that they were quite engrossing. Their two piece dance-punk draws similarities to Death From Above 1979, with touches of Crystal Castles and The Horrors. This combination is a little odd, but works really well, kinda like Peanut Butter and Ice Cream (which is amazing)

DZ Deathrays play a run of shows in Melbourne soon, including support shows with Dananananaykroyd and Children Collide:
Saturday 18th June @ Ding Dong Lounge
Monday 1st August @ East Brunswick Club Hotel (supporting Dananananaykroyd)
Saturday 13th August @ Corner Hotel (supporting Children Collide)

More DZ Deathrays at Soundcloud


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