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Splendour in the Grass Preview Part 3: Best of the UK

It’s been a long-time since Mick n Keith and Beatlemania, but the UK still produce great music. There is no Radiohead, or The Cure, or Arctic Monkeys, or anyone by the name of Gallagher, but these are just some of the bands who will rise to the occasion. Please note that we will not be previewing bands more than once, so Coldplay fans (fan?) you will have to jump back to one of our earlier editions. (See that button to the right which says SITG Previews? Click that.)

Kaiser Chiefs
For a while in the mid-noughties it appeared British Indie Rock would reclaim its place at the top of the world. Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand,The Kooks and Kaiser Chiefs all reeling off classic anthems. With a new album coming up, expect to be shouting along to a number of classic Kaiser Chiefs melodies. I Predict a Riot, Never Miss A Beat, and Ruby are all set to start huge sin-a-longs. I cannot wait.
Wait For:  The Angry Mob. On FasterLouder’s Splendour forum, a few people mentioned this song as being their favourite Splendour moment. We are the angry mob, we read the paper’s everyday.
Must-see Rating: 8/10

Kinda like Coldplay but without the stigma of being boring. Their Coachella set was one of the highlights of the festival stream for me, which is a big call given some of the other acts surrounding them. Whether they will be able to captivate an Australian audience remains another question.
Wait For: Them to be given an awful time slot. Will probably be something ridiculous like between The Hives and Pulp and clashing with Modest Mouse.
Must-See rating: 6.5/10

Now, I love the Glasgow music scene. Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, The Fratellis all are Glaswegians, as are Glasvegas and fellow Splendourites Dananananaykroyd and Mogwai. Of the three, I am most keen to see Glasvegas. I have thoroughly enjoyed both of their albums so far.
Wait For: The Sing-a-long to the “Here we fucking go” in Go Square Go.
Must-see rating: 7/10

These Glaswegians have described their genre as ‘fight pop’ but let’s be honest, we’ll be seeing them because everyone loves Dan Aykroyd. They played Splendour in 2009, but later had to cancel their Melbourne sideshow after drummer John Baillie Jnr broke his arm crowd surfing at their Sydney gig. Is that not enough to make you want to see them?
Wait For: Everyone attending their first and probably only fight rock gig in their lives.
Must-see Rating: 6.5/10

Noah & The Whale
I hadn’t listened to these guys until this year, but their newest album is one of my favourites so far this year. Their feel-good indie-pop will definitely please the hipster wankers, who will frequent Splendour in their thousands.
Wait For: Will probably get a day time slot, meaning people will have to choose between seeing them, recovering from the night before or preparing for the night up ahead.
Must-see Rating: 6.5/10

The Vaccines
I cannot rave about these guys enough. Easily my favourite album of the year, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? manges to merge Ramone-style guitars with Strokes style swagger, making a brilliant debut effort from these young lads from London. One of my top three bands to see at Splendour.
Wait For: The Vaccines to clash with The Hives, making a doctors nightmare. We’re just lucky The Cure weren’t added to the Bill
Must-see Rating: 9/10


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