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Boy & Bear Gig Review 27/5/11

So I headed down to the Corner Hotel AGAIN, this time to see Boy & Bear. Another band that had a hugely successful 2010, spearheaded by their cover version of Crowded Houses’ Fall At Your Feet, the band sold-out three headline shows at the Corner in the space of three days. A rather impressive effort for a band who have only released a single EP. While it is a very solid EP, I get the feeling that this band would not have had as great a following had it not been for the aforementioned cover. This to the point were Dec used to call them a “Crowded House cover band.” But anyway.

As we were also celebrating a friend’s birthday from the night before, a few of us had a rather excitable pre-drinks and arrived after the first warm-up act (who I can’t for the life of me remember the name of. Emma something?). We had been told by our friend at And Pluck Your Strings that Jinja Safari were not to be missed. And while we will disagree on some topics, he was right about this although I did feel somewhat outraged that none of them had red-hair. While the only song of their’s I knew (new single Scarecrow) was not played, the band played an energetic set of what I decided was jungle folk pop. I was pretty buzzing by this point.

Anyway. Boy & Bear eventually came out. With a new album due out later this year, the set was filled with an even mix of new songs and old favourites. But I was a little disappointed with the ordering of the set. With all of Mexican Mavis, Blood to Gold and Rabbit Song coming fairly early on in the set, their was a lack of momentum coming towards the end. This may be a little harsh, because they were exceptional musically, and their showmanship was exemplary, but without a big finish that would have come from one of these songs or Fall At Your Feet, to me it seemed the performance died out a bit. Or maybe I was just drunk.

I’m beginning to realise that Boy & Bear are a seasonal band for me. In Summer, they were one of my favourite bands to listen to. They reminded me of being outdoors and cold-beers in an amphitheatre. I can’ t help but think this affected my opinion of this performance. Not bad, but not as memorable as I would have liked.


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