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Splendour in the Grass Preview: Top of the Bill

Part One of our Splendour in the Grass Preview.

As the title of their article suggests, these are the bands that are paid the big bucks. All would potentially be big enough to headline on their own, but have been forced to share the spotlight. Here is my opinion on each.

I’m not the hugest Coldplay fan to begin with, but I’m already really looking forward to their set. Love them or hate them, Coldplay have a perfect sound for a festival set. It will be best suited for all attending to put their differences aside and just thoroughly enjoy the set.
Wait For: Fix You. I’m already expecting Fix You to be the most amazing moment at the festival. And this if from a guy who is pretty indifferent to the song to begin with. there will be some surprises from other bands, but this will be a sure thing.
Must-see rating: 7/10

Kanye West
As much as my indifference towards Coldplay, I really do not like Kanye, and cannot understand why he’s even coming. Yes, I watched his Coachella performance and it was one of the worst sets I’ve seen. With his entourage of guest vocalists, he was out of tune and out of time, and the ridiculousness of his stage was just a waste of money. I will be doing all I can to avoid him.
Wait For: Everyone to leave during/after the set feeling incredibly underwhelmed and regretting seeing him over Kaiser Chiefs/Kills/Modest Mouse/other who were playing at the same time.
Must-see rating: 1/10

Jane’s Addiction
Probably the hardest rock band on the bill, and a much-needed addition to every festival.These rock legends will grace the stage playing a large range of the catalogue ranging from 1988’s Nothing Shocking to upcoming album, The Great Escape Artist.
Wait For: Dave Navarro. That is all.
Must-see rating: 6/10

Will they be able to re-create the BritPop magic of the nineties? Lord, I hope so. Being a huge BritPop fan myself, Pulp are probably my most anticipated band of the festival. While Common People and Disco 2000 will be the fan favourites, and probably mine too, part of me is hoping they play Babies.
Wait For: This line from Sorted For E’s and Whizz will completely summarise my Splendour Depression in the weeks after:

“And you want to phone your mother and say
Mother, I can never come home again,
Cos I seem to have left an important part of my brain Somewhere
Somewhere in a field in Hampshire.”

Must-see Rating: 9/10

The Hives
I saw the Hives once. It was one of my very first gigs. It is still one of the best gigs I’ve ever done. It’s become this great legend in my mind, possibly to the extent that it’s been exaggerated so much that I will only be disappointed when their set comes along. For the next few weeks I’m going to have to try to convince myself that they weren’t really that amazing, just so I won’t be that disappointed when it comes along.
Wait For: Howlin’ Pelle and the boys’ new outfits. Last time it was black and white suits, to fit their new album, The Black and White Album. What will it be this time.
Must-see Rating: 8/10

Modest Mouse
Since I’ve started using WordPress, I’ve greatly increased the amount of times I’ve listened to Modest Mouse, which was quite large to begin with. Sign in -> My Blog -> Dashboard -> go to iTunes -> play Dashboard by Modest Mouse. Despite being relatively quiet for a few years, there are reports of a new album coming. But who needs it? With Dashboard, Float On, Oceans Breathes Salty,amongst others. The set will be amazing.
Wait For: Float On. If you’re picking songs that absolutely everyone in the crowd will song along to, this is definitely up there. Featuring on Guitar Hero and Rock Band has certainly helped this.


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