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Too many festivals?

As many of you may have noticed, most of the pieces we post are about stuff we like. Or REALLY don’t like. So as much as we’d love to keep you up-to-date with everything going on in the music world, there simply is not enough time in our lives to write about everything. For the last week, I’ve been contemplating writing a piece about the recent festival announcements that aren’t Splendour, the key ones being VIVID Live and Soundwave Revolution, but with myself unlikely to attend either of them, it was hard to find inspiration to write about either of them. There are some acts I’d like to see at both, mainly The Cure, Odd Future and Tame Impala at VIVID and Hole, Van Halen and Alice Cooper at SR, but I doubt I’ll attend either for a variety of reasons.

So, my point is, things would be easier if there were fewer festivals. It’s not a huge problem at this point of the year, but for a few years I’ve thought the summer festival season is particularly ridiculous. From Meredith and Parklife through to Golden Plains and Good Vibrations, music-lovers cannot possibly attend (afford?) all. Until recently there were only a few festivals, and those that did exist had very specific genres. My proposal is this; combine all similar genre musical festivals into one. For indie kids; combine Falls & Laneway. For dance acts; Good Vibes, Future and Summadayze. For bogans; Big Day Out and Pyramid. This would serve to minimize the number of festivals, as well as maximizing the line-ups. AND it would separate the crowds.

Of course this would never happen, but a man can dream.


One response to “Too many festivals?

  1. Declan May 16, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    I will expand on this further at a later date.

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