No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Eagle and the Worm

My excitement last week in describing The Cat Empire show meant that I neglected to mention at all the opening act Eagle and the Worm. This is a band that has had a lot of attention from Triple J, winning one of their unearthed competitions. Accordingly with their growing popularity and diverse talent, The Cat Empire booked the band to open their national tour. The first time I saw this band play was in the middle of last year at the colonial hotel on a Saturday night. I was in less than an adequate state to critically or even audibly asses the band effectively but I do remember enjoying myself.

Their sound is a blend of surf rock, pop and folk with a saxophone evoking feelings of a latin element to their music. Probably best known for their infectiously catchy song All I Know, which they were able to reproduce with the same energy and humour when opening for The Cat Empire. Their new release, Too Young, which is a free download from tier website, showcases a more restrained and considered side to the band. It is a ballad, soaked with different instrumentation and a wistful vocal, all the while maintaining a very Australian sound.  Hopefully the band can continue and improve on the very promising start to their career.

Eagle and the Worm Web


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