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this calls for some tuneskies

Splendour in the Grass Ticketing Update

So, as many would have expected, the Moshtix website over-heated this morning as a huge demand for Splendour tickets went through the website. Contributing to the problems, an overnight computing glitch meant that all customers of Westpac and their subsidiaries had no access to funds. As a response, organisers will suspend sales at 9pm this evening, and re-open at 9am tomorrow morning (see here). Luckily, we got our tickets pre-sale on Monday morning and were able to avoid the fuss, but in future I believe there should be alternatives to the online massacre. To be honest, I’d prefer it if the organisers returned it to manual sales. This means camp-outs and line-ups in front of authorised sellers. This way, only true fans would be able to get tickets and not just anyone who has a computer.

Now this is my own idea. Laugh at me if you will, but I’ve taken this concept from a number of European Sports Clubs. Basically, everyone in Australia has a music account, and when you buy gig tickets, you do so through your account. For every ticket bought, you get given a certain number of points, depending on the gig. For example, if you buy tickets to see Pearl Jam at Rod Laver Arena you get 100 points, while if you see Art vs Science at the HiFi Bar you get 40 points.
The point of this, is when major festivals come around, you can only buy tickets if you’ve collected enough points. Or rather, the people who have the most points get to buy tickets first. This would ensure that only the biggest music fans get tickets to Splendour, or Big Day Out, hence allowing for better atmosphere.

Of course this will never happen, but the snob in me would love it.


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