No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Callum’s 30 Day Song Challenge #29: A Song From Your Childhood

Girl – The Beatles

Surprisingly, this is the first Beatles song I’ve put on this list. My dad’s a bit of a Beatles fan and we’ve actually got a box set of all the Beatles studio albums. It’s pretty cool. So I grew up listening to The Beatles. Dad’s favourite album was Rubber Soul and is really one of the few people I know who prefers it to the usual Sgt. Pepper’s, Abbey Rd, Revolver trio.

We used to listen to this a lot. Not that I was really very opinionated on the matter, and it wasn’t until two years ago when I remembered. I think that as my parents had more kids, they stopped listening to music so much, rather preferring whatever moments of quiet they could find, so through my later childhood years, this was played incredibly rarely.

It wasn’t until early last year when I started really getting into the Beatles nut mostly Sgt. Pepper’s to begin with. Until one morning, I got home after a particularly drunk night and lay in bed hungover listening to Rubber Soul. I think I listened to it about 15 times that day, and was amazed that I knew all the words to all the songs, just because I’d listened to it when I was young. Over the weekend, Dad and I listened to Rubber Soul on the way down to our beach-house and Girl is still one of my dad’s favourite songs.


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