No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies


Anzac Day is always very important to me, I attended my 15th consecutive Dawn Service this morning, and while I was at school I had the privilege of marching and playing with the school military band.  The Dawn Service is always a hugely humbling experience and the songs are a big part of this.  Surrounded by fog and my shivering family, the piece Be Still My Soul  was sung, interspersed by gunfire.  The choir soars through the early morning air, breaking only to allow the brutal report of the 21 gun salute.  It is a reverent and reflective experience, and something very important to me, important as it allows us  to pay respect to those who served and died in largely unnecessary wars.  Those men who were younger than me that went to die while I live a hedonistic and privileged life.  It is not fair, but for at least one day a year, I think about them, thousands of kilometres away from home, shivering in the cold morning fog, without their family, without the music,  only with gunfire.


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