No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Callum’s 30 Day Song Challenge #26: A Song That You Can Play On An Instrument

Tighten Up – The Black Keys

If you know me,  you know I’m a bit of a gambler. And as every Aussie man know, one of the best events for gambling is the Brownlow Medal. I’ve had a bit of success with multi-bets in the last two years, and after making a cool $200 last year (multi-bet with Matthew Boyd, Travis Boak, Mark LeCras to win most votes at their respective teams, and Judd to beat Goddard. Thanks boys!) I decided I’d go buy a bass guitar.

I played Trombone all through school, and am still quite handy on the horn, so I’m slowly getting the knack of bass guitar. With a couple of mates on guitar and Dec on the drums, we’re slowly piecing together a few covers. This one is probably our best. It helps that a lot of these blues rock tracks are very simplistic and easy to play, and considering the Black Keys don’t usually have much bass this was an obvious place to start. Plus, the band are just so dam cool. Just look at them in the clip. So I’m slowly getting into bass, the goings beens pretty slow so far, and I really need to get lessons. Otherwise I’ll continue to just sit here and learn Joy Division basslines. Apparently that’s how Colin Greenwood learnt.


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