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The Wombats – Proudly Present This Modern Glitch

Back in 2007, The Wombats released an album full of british pop-rock party-starters. A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation was always going to be a tough album to follow up, as the old style would get stale to modern audience. The band has responded quite admirably with This Modern Glitch.

While the energy and fun has remained, the guitar riffs have been replaced with synth hooks, as a more dance orientated mood takes place but the message remains the same, you may be done about your love-life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t party. A number of songs touch on the more depressing nature of the band. Anti-D is a reference to lead singer Matthew Murphy’s past addiction to anti-depressants, and the backing string quartet adds a foreboding, unlike anything present in previous Wombats work.

At times in the album, this saddening nature leaves the listener confused. With the upbeat, jaunty nature of most of the songs, it’s odd to hear lyrics about drug addictions and lost girlfriends. It seems the band struggles to fill the album. While there are some awesome songs like Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves) and Jump Into The Fog, the album has some obvious weak points like Girls and Fast Cars.

It has a different sound to previous work and does show a degree of progression from the band, but whether it is an improvement remains to be seen. You want them ironically pay-out Joy Division again, but with the way the world is going these days – to be more synth heavy – one cannot see The Wombats resorting to their earlier sound.


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