No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Jebediah – Kosciuzko

In  90s Australia, Jebediah were at the pinnacle of a wave of alternative rock.  Along with bands like The Living End, You Am I, Silverchair and Powderfinger, the Jebs dominated the airwaves with hits Animal, Leaving Home and Fall Down, amongst others. My, how times have changed. With the dominance of American acts on our radio in 2011, Kosciuzko is a refreshing change. The album lacks the panache of previous albums but as a standalone album, it is very promising. It’s hard to compare the two generations of Jebediah so perhaps it is better to look at this new model with a youthful innocence.

When you name an album after the tallest mountain in the country, you’re making a statement. Perhaps a metaphor for their intentions, if Jebediah are to try and reclaim their place at the top of Australian music, Kosciuzko is a good foundation. Lead single She’s Like A Comet is the obvious focal point on the album, despite it’s mediocre lyrics – “Oh she’s like a comet/ Yeah she’s different” –  but one has to delve a little deeper to find the albums true beauties. Control brings back memories of their past and should become the climax of a live performance, while Freakin’ Out sound like the bands attempt at disco, an interesting contrast to the more grungey Lost My Nerve or the punk Under the Bed.

It will be a major challenge for Jebediah to reclaim Australian music, as a lot depends on forces outside their control (airplay, competition) but as far as comeback albums go, Kosciuzko passes with flying colours.


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