No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Splendour Countdown

Confirmed Bands
The Vaccines
The Kills


Rumoured Bands (with my perceived % chance)
Coldplay (90%) – The Coldplay rumour has been doing the rounds for weeks now. Seems likely, but still a huge disappointment for me if they get to headline.
Kanye West (75%) – Kanye West rumoured to be doing every festival. There’s a bit more momentum for this one, but again would be expensive and would prefer other bands.
Pulp (75%)I can’t all of these top three appearing as all of them could headline in their own right, especially as Arctic Monkeys could potentially headline Saturday night. Would greatly prefer them to Coldplay and Kanye though.
Beady Eye (60%) Playing Fuji Rock, and Liam has always loved Australia. Can see him wanting to show-off his new band, showing that he doesn’t need his big brother.
Arctic Monkeys (95%)Another for Fuji Rock player. Arctic Monkeys seem right. In the area, new album releasing soon, been two and a half years since last tour. All done bar the shouting.
Elbow (90%) – Let slip on an ad that they will be here in July. Splendours in July. You do the Math.
James Blake (65%) – Not sure where this rumour started. People seem excited though :S
Noah & The Whale (75%) – Lead singer said they’ll tour soon. Splendour likely.

Ruled Out Bands
Arcade Fire
The Decemberists
Death Cab For Cutie
Flaming Lips

As well as others playing Osheaga Festival


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