No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Callum’s 30 Day Song Challenge #15: A Song That Desribes You

Same Jeans – The View

Of all the songs I listen to, this one probably reminds me of myself the most. Especially when combined with the video. I’m currently studying Commerce at uni, and the whole thing is streamlining me into this suit wearing, business guy. While I’d imagine that one day I will become this hard- working financier, at the moment I feel my life is summed up by this song.

It’s about being dirty – “I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now” – about going out and having a great time and not caring about appearance or what everyone else thinks. Too often these days people worry about minor things. Now, I’m not saying that personal hygiene is something I often skimp out on, but the song is about being care-free. There’s a number of ways this applies to me; I’m very relaxed, about pretty well everything, and I have actually had the same jeans on for four days. Surprisingly, they don’t actually smell that bad.


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