No Jackets

this calls for some tuneskies

Callum’s 30 Day Song Challenge #14: A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

ABC News Theme Remix – Pendulum

As I was scouring through my iTunes Library looking for a song to fit today’s theme, I realised I have a very narrow listening spectrum. I’m sure many people of you would know this already, so I decided I had to pick something that wasn’t rock. I lingered on Art vs Science for a while, but decided this was more appropriate.

When we were younger, my parents always watched the 7pm ABC news. So I came very familiar with the theme. And I think Pendulum did an amazing job on this. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a huge dancer, but this song makes me want to rave. I’m not even sure if I know how to rave.

But I think I really enjoy this song because it joins up my childhood with my current life. The theme reminds me of my parents and watching TV after dinner (oddly, I’m pretty sure dinner would have involved Maggi Two-minute chicken noodles) but the remix aspect makes me want to party.

Considering I don’t really like anything else Pendulum do, this is a little odd. I don’t think the “no one” would have picked me to like this one, but that’s life. I tried my best.


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